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NEI is a comprehensive full fledged manufacturer of complete range of Low Voltage switchgear components. NEI manufactures Miniature circuit breakers, RCCB, MCCB from 6A to 800A.Short circuit levels of 6 KA to 50KA. NEI has design and development team to develop the MCB/MCCB/RCCB etc, It also has a full fledged Molding station to mould the components of the MCB/MCCB/RCCB The raw materials for the moulds are sourced from France to ensure excellent quality. Flame retardant materials are used to ensure the Components are manufactured to meet international standards. All electrical components are properly designed and selected to ensure superior performance. The operators are fully trained and the supervisor is an Omani Woman who has been working with us for more than a decade. NEI has in house facility to type test each and every component, either short circuit or thermal calibration. Majority of the components have been tested at internationally reputed independent type test labs to prove the performance capability.