Indian - Omani family reunited

Mariyam Biwi with her family in Oman

Reunited- Mariyam Biwi from kerala finally met her Omani husband's family after decades. Nizwa this friday witnessed  an emotional historic moment. There were a few tears and hugs. But everything turned out beautifully.

Abdhulla Salem from Oman married Mariyam Biwi in early 1970's. He left to Oman after 5 days after their wedding. He visited his wife every year and stays with her for 1 or 2 months. Mariyam Biwi give birth to first daughter after 1 year of their marriage. After four years she was pregant with his second child when he visited her for the last time. Later Abdhulla Salem lost his job in the cargo ship, where he was working, and left to Oman. There was no news about him after that. Mariyam Biwi sent letter and photographs of their daughters for few year after that.

Mariyam and her daughter Jameela was working in UAE for the past couple of years. Jameela shared her story with social worker Rasheed wayanad who she met from Dubai. Rasheed shared the news through facebook. Social workers from Oman, P.T.A Raheem, Yousuf chettuva, Rahil, Abdhul Gaffar, Rafeek Shrikandapuram  stepped in to arrange for Mariyam Biwi and daughter to meet their family in Oman. Abdhulla Salem has passed away 7 years ago. Abdhulla Salem's widow gave Mariyam Biwi and daughters a warm welcome. It was a moment of joy and emotions.